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Mateo Vergara Hidalgo

Email: mavergarah@gmail.com | website: http://mateovergara.com/

He is an Electronic Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He has a enough background in software development, Framework Web Design (Django, HTML and CSS). Also, he is an Electrical Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, who has worked in Project Management, Electrical Design and Commissioning, at oil gas, and food companies. On one hand, His experience in the Oil and Gas sector was developed in TIPIEL SA. On the other hand, his experience in the Public Sector was developed at Ingeserpet LTDA. He has a wide knowledge on standars (NEC, RETIE, Codensa, Ipse and IEEE). He has worked at Nestlé Purina in the Department of Projects as a Project Management Engineer. He has developed expansion and sustanaibility projects. As well, he has expertise on Photovolatics Systems.

Research Interests

Grounding Systems, Protection of Structures against lightning, Renewable Energies.


  1. Analysis of the effects of linear and non-linear distortions on QPSK modulated signals for optical channels
    11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology. CIT 2011
    D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez, N. Guerrero-Gonzales, J. Salazar-Cuellar, M. Vergara-Hidalgo, O. M. Díaz-Betancourt
    See abstract | see full paper