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Cielo Katherine Basante-Villota

Email: cielo.2103@gmail.com

She is an electronic engineer from Universidad de Nariño. Her research focuses mainly on dimension reduction and data visualization. She has currently published three papers as a result of her research in her degree thesis. He has the ability to work in group and improve her skills. She has good knowledge of programming languages such as JAVA, C #, C ++, due to the development of different computer applications.

Research Interests

Signal processing, pattern recognition, data visualization, dimessionality reduction and data minning.


  1. Comparative Analysis Between Embedded-Spaces-Based and Kernel-Based Approaches for Interactive Data Representation
    Colombian Conference on Computing - CCC 2018
    C. K. Basante-Villota, C. M. Ortega-Castillo, D. F. Peña-Unigarro, J. E. Revelo-Fuelagán, J. A. Salazar-Castro, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
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