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Juan Fernando González-Vergara

Email: juan.gonzalez@sdas-group.com

Born in Quito, Ecuador in 1994, his high school specialization was in Physic and Mathematics and his undergraduate formation has been centered in the development of scientific investigation skills and hard sciences- Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Geology, with two courses approved for each plus all the Mathematics and engineering lectures of I.T. such as Advance Linear Algebra, Image Processing, HPC, AI, ML, Databases, Functional Programming, Software Engineer, among others. This approach has let him gain capabilities to successfully integrate the Software Industry, any Business Enterprise or the research community.

Research Interests

AI, DL,(un)supervised ML techniques to solve multidisciplinary problems, Big Data, Data Analitycs.


  1. Inverse Data Visualization Framework (IDVF): Towards a Prior-Knowledge-Driven Data Visualization
    ICAI 2020
    M. Vélez-Falconí, J. González-Vergara, D. H. Peluffo-Ordoñez
    See abstract | see full paper
  2. A Data-Driven Approach for Automatic Classification of Extreme Precipitation Events: Preliminary Results
    ICAI 2020
    J. González-Vergara, D. Escobar-González, D. Chaglla-Aguagallo, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
    See abstract | see full paper