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Luis Eduardo Murillo-Lucero


Email: luis.murillo@sdas-group.com

I was born in Quito - Ecuador in 1996. I am a student in the last year of the information technology career at the Universidad YachayTech - Ecuador . In 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership program organized by The University of Cambridge called Shaping Horizons. In 2020, I was the co-founder of the Club de Ciencias Computacionales Yachay Tech. Besides in 2020, I participated as an intern in The Agencia de RegulaciĆ³n y Control de las Telecomunicaciones. From November of that same year to January 2021 I worked as a teaching assistant at Universidad YachayTech - Ecuador for the subject of software engineering. Currently, I am in the last year of my engineering degree. I also participate as a volunteer in the project called Hamilton Tech. This project seeks to disseminate science to young Ecuadorians. Finally, shortly, I would like to continue with my fourth level studies. Likewise, I would like to gain experience in the research field since I consider it essential to improve production systems in Latin America and the world.

Research Interests

Data analysis and predictions for decision making, optimization of manufacturing processes using artificial intelligence and simulation, computer vision and its application in Real-time object detection on edge devices.