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Martín Vélez Falconi

Email: martin.velez@sdas-group.com

He obtained his Computer Science Engineering degree in 2020 from Yachay Tech University, Ecuador.

Research Interests

Big Data, Data Visualization, Machine Learning


  1. Inverse Data Visualization Framework (IDVF): Towards a Prior-Knowledge-Driven Data Visualization
    ICAI 2020
    M. Vélez-Falconí, J. González-Vergara, D. H. Peluffo-Ordoñez
    See abstract | see full paper
  2. Introducing the Concept of Interaction Model for Interactive Dimensionality Reduction and Data Visualization
    ICSSA 2020
    M. C. Ortega-Bustamante, M. Páez-Jaime, I. Marrufo-Rodríguez, P. Rosero-Montalvo, D. H. Peluffo Ordóñez, A. C. Umaquinga-Criollo
    See abstract | see full paper