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Pamela Godoy

Email: pamela.godoy@sdas-group.com

She is an engineer in Electronics and Communication Networks, holds a Master's Degree in Information Systems Management and Business Intelligence. She has experience in Telecommunications in the area of infrastructure, access and transmissions, voice and data core. She worked as a professor and researcher at the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, in the careers: Engineering in Electronics and Communication Networks and Engineering in Telecommunications, at Universidad Técnica del Norte, Ibarra - Ecuador. Teaching Experience: Electrical Circuits, Digital Systems, Numerical Methods, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Project Management. In addition, she has business work experience in Information Technology Support and Telecommunications for the main telephone operators in the country. Intern at the University of La Plata - Argentina.

Research Interests

Telecommunications, machine learning, embedded systems, intelligent systems, neural networks


  1. A New Approach to Supervised Data Analysis in Embedded Systems Environments: A case of study
    Science and Information Conferences 2019
    Pamela E. Godoy-Trujillo, Paul D. Rosero-Montalvo, Luis E. Suárez-Zambrano, Diego H. Peluffo- Ordoñez
    See abstract | see full paper
  2. Interactive Visualization Interfaces for Big Data Analysis Using Combination of Dimensionality Reduction Methods: A Brief Review
    Technology, Sustainability and Educational Innovation 2019
    Ana C. Umaquinga-Criollo, Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez, Paúl D. Rosero-Montalvo, Pamela E. Godoy-Trujillo, Henry Benítez-Pereira.
    See abstract | see full paper
  3. Hardware and Software Filter Design for ECG Signal Acquisition and Processing
    International Conference on Applied Technologies
    Paul D. Rosero-Montalvo, Edgar Maya-Olalla, Marcelo Zambrano Vizuete, Pamela Godoy-Trujillo, Ana Checa-Ramirez, Julio Andrade-Collahuazo, Christian Montalvo-Loza.
    See abstract | see full paper
  4. Sign Language Recognition Based on Intelligent Glove Using Machine Learning Techniques
    Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting 2018
    Paul D. Rosero-Montalvo, Pamela Godoy-Trujillo, Edison Flores-Bosmediano, Jorge Carrascal-García, Santiago Otero-Potosi, Henry Benitez-Pereira, Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez.
    See abstract | see full paper
  5. Elderly Fall Detection Using Data Classification on a Portable Embeddedd System
    Ecuador Technical Chapters Meeting 2017
    P.D. Rosero-Montalvo, D.H. Peluffo-Ordóñez, Pamela Godoy, K. Ponce, E.A. Rosero, C.A. Vásquez, F. Cuzme, S.C Flores, Z. A. Mera
    See abstract | see full paper