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Santiago Pozo Ruiz


Email: santiago.pozo@sdas-group.com

Santiago was born in Tulcan-Carchi-Ecuador in 1997. He studied in "Unidad Educativa Bolivar" in his native city. His specialization in high school, although he recieved a BGU tittle, was in maths and physics. Santiago was a teaching assitant in the last two semesters, in the subjects of Linear Algebra and Computer Architecture. He is also doing an intership at ATBS where he performs programming tasks. He is currently in ninth semester of ICTs in Yachay Tech University. Between his main research interests there is to develop a functional BCI for people in late stages of ALS and that is why he pursues to take a graduate dregree program in Computational Neurosciece.

Research Interests

Signal processing, AI, Brain-computer interface