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Eduardo Luis Cepeda-Muñoz

Research Assistant - Level I

Email: eduardo.cepeda@sdas-group.com | website: https://educepedam2.000webhostapp.com/

He was born in Quito - Ecuador, in 1998. He graduated from a high school with a major in science, and he is currently studying the last semester of Biomedical Engineering at Yachay Tech University - Ecuador. Since 2017, he has voluntarily participated in computer programming applied to medicine. In 2019, he began tutoring in exact sciences to young undergraduate students. In 2020, he undertook internships at ATBS S.A - Ecuador and 'San Vicente de Paul' Hospital - Ibarra, Ecuador. He is currently working as an online teacher in the private company Sicos Informática in Buenos Aires and La Plata – Argentina. In addition, he works as a volunteer researcher in the Smart Data Analysis Systems Group. His main skills are programming in Python, Java, C/C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, LaTeX, MatLab, R, as well as Electronic Systems, Web Development, Project Management, Research and Analytical Skills. Currently, he is interested in the analysis of high-dimensional, complex data, signals and images for medical settings.

Research Interests

Biomedical signal analysis; Intelligent embedded systems.