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The following scholarships are offered and granted upon approval by the Principal Committee, and are subject to the policies stated at the Administrative Information and Policies Document of SDAS Research Group.

(OPEN) PTF Scholarships and TGs

The call for TG and PTF scholarships is always open. They are evaluated and granted by the PC upon express request by the applicant. The application procedure is as follows:

  1. The applicant (being officially a SDASer) sends a message to the official SDAS Research Group contact email requesting information about PTF scholarships or TGs availability at the date of interest.
  2. In case of positive reply, the applicant must submit a one-page motivation letter, and an updated CV the official SDAS Research Group contact email.
  3. Either in an ordinary or extraordinary meeting, the PC will evaluate the request.
  4. If accepted and once signed the contract, the approved funding support will be given to the scholarship holder via either direct payment on invoices or debit account deposit, as more convenient.
  5. PTF scholarships or TGs will become effective in a period not less than a month.
(CLOSED) Reference: SDAS-SF-2020-1

Publication date: 22-06-2020

Deadline: 26-06-2020

Scholarship: Full (2.5)

Description: Internal Scholarship Full (2.5) for a SDASer being Junior Researcher and PhD Student under the supervision of a Principal Researcher.

Duration: 3 months.


  • Support research activities related to discrete and computational optimization.
  • Support the creation and reviewing of academic material.

Application: Applicants must submit their one-page motivation letter and updated CV by deadline date to the official SDAS Research Group contact email.

Starting date: 01-07-2020