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Hind Raki

Research Assistant - Level III

Email: hind.raki@sdas-group.com

She was born in Casablanca, Morocco on Mars 13, 1997. After finishing her Diploma of Higher Education in Life Sciences in Univérsité Hassane II in Casablanca (UVH2C) . She moved out to Marrakesh, Morocco, where she received her BSc degree in Life sciences - Animal physiology in Faculté des Sciences emlalia Marrakech (FSSM), Université Cadi Ayyad (UCA). Recently, in July 2021, She received her MSc degree in Biotechnology and AgroBiosciences with a major in Crop improvement in Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). Recently finished an internship at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), as part of Plant microbes interactions Lab, Agrobiosciences (AgBs) laboratory, where we focused on finding solutions for durable and sustainable agricultural systems. Biostimulants and biofertilizers have proven to be of an important impact on boosting the agronomic traits of crops. Therefore we were evaluating the characteristics of polymicrobial inocula on crops nutritional status, hence crops’ growth and development. At the moment, I am at the beginning of my research career, I am extremely interested in the intermingling of disciplines involving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Biotechnology for sustainability approaches.

Research Interests

Biotechnology for sustainability approaches, biology, crop diseases analysis and classification, image analysis, deep learning