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Hind Raki

Research Assistant - Level III

Email: hind.raki@sdas-group.com

Hind is originally from Casablanca, Morocco. She is actually enrolled within the MSDA research program as a doctoral researcher/student. Her current research topic is an intersection between diversified research areas: Machine learning, Systems biology, Dynamic Mathematical Modeling and Interpretable AI. She is highly interested in the intermingling of various research fields, as she truly believes in the power of Interdisciplinarity. She is open to collaborate with researchers from different domains, in which she believes will be a great step in integrating Interpretability within deep learning techniques applied in systems biology. Her favourite in- domain quote is: "The more a machine’s decision affects a person’s life, the more important it is for the machine to explain its behavior." By Christoph Molnar - A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable.

Research Interests

Biotechnology for sustainability approaches, biology, crop diseases analysis and classification, image analysis, deep learning


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