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Kaoutar Benghzial


Email: kaoutar.benghzial@sdas-group.com

She was born in Casablanca, Morocco, on January 9th, 1998. She moved out along with my family to the future green-city of Ben Guerir, where she did her high school and obtained her Baccalauréat degree -with emphasis in physics and chemistry sciences. Three years later, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental bio-analysis from the Faculty of Sciences and technology within the University Cadi Ayyad, in Marrakech.As a passionate about agriculture-related applications, she studied a master’s program on fertilizer sciences technology at ESAFE school from the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University. During her master's six-month internship, she specialized on the effect of nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers on quinoa in the physiological, morphological and biochemical aspect of the leaves. At present, she joined the SDAS Research Group as a Volunteer Researcher to start her journey in research. Today, she is looking for a new experience at the MSDA Research Program from UM6P as a research assistant to put my skills to good use.

Research Interests

Precision agriculture, AI for biological sciences, data analysis.

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